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easily upset

just found out me, easily upset...
listen to those gossip makes me can't trust someone else.
this is so BAD.
by the way,
i just enjoy my life right now.
very enjoying...
leave me alone when i need to be alone.
listen to my favourite music, seeing my love one, laugh to the animation,
singing to my favourite songs...
i like to be alone and don't like to be disturbed.
this is me.

you can say that,
i'm a coward little person but i just love the way i am.
i love the way who i am and the way i act.
kataomoi nante ne,
i still believe that "being alone is not equal to sadness."

fill in the blank

wondering what my life would be if i'm a boy?
maybe, coward?
or just nothing special?
or just OTAKU?

starting to fed up with my job.
can't be stubborn or selfish or わがままだね

in love with MUSIC!

in love with charice-new world.
ffxiii? theme song~
fukui mai-san no yakusoku no baisho also good!!
but well,
love the meaning when it sang in english.

i was thinking that maybe i'm suppose to be like that.
not that i reject the power of love but it just fear?
afraid to accept what is difference from me and maybe can't accept what is what.
oh god.
i think i lost my words.
i can't say that i ready for love but i like to challenge it.
afraid of losing it but it worth to try.
at least, you know the hurt and makes me strong from it.
i'm not expecting HIM to give me anything but dude,
i'm gonna tell that,
i'm really in you and i AM NOT going to make a move if you're giving the signal to move on.
if you not,
i'm not too..
just spoken of CHALLENGING...

just in love with the song~

leave my life ALONE!

not that i hate people calling here and there,
not that i hate people chatting with me,
when i need a time alone,
just GIVE IT!! YOU ASSHOLE MORON!!!! (forgive the rudeness...)

i will listen to you when you need me to listen.
i will do everything if that's going to make you feel better.
and i will talk to you when i need you to listen...
BUT please,
for the god's sake,
leave me alone when i WANT to be!!!

i admitted.
i drunk recently.
talk nonsense and calling for innocent people.
i don remember what i've been talking and what i've been promising.
i'm sorry about that.
if you think that i HAVE promise you things that's going to be very serious in your life,
please do be kind to recall my memories back.
not that:" just forget it."
if this is what you want,
i take it as granted.

my dearest,
please can you leave me ALONE?