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a updating

still hanging around with the dark atmosphere.
still wondering whether i going to make this decision.
life, just full of choices and sometimes we DID make the wrong choose.
a quickly update...

*have my FIRST own CAR which registered under MY NAME!!
 i haven pick up the photo yet but maybe later?
 showing off to the whole world just to let them see how GORGEOUS is my husband!

*dump a guy?
 actually he dumped me..haha!like even we had started yet!
 i don't need him...OBVIOUSLY! i don't need any guys to stimulate my life.

*after like about 5 years, went to do some sport activities.
 talking like one but act different thing.
 just sitting beside the pool and get attention.
 WOW! roll back to the second.
 SERIOUSLY. didn't need one to full fill my life!

*trying so hard to just type a letter.
 i will and i do!

no photos but words~
see ya!


Sitting inside the coffee bean cafe,
Listen to my iPod and looking outside the window,
Suddenly saw something that make me realize.
This is acutely reality happening.
Not that I'm criticizing or what,
Is just I can't accept the way the thing it's happened.
Is it my wrong sense?
Looking at the joker thar worked in resort hotel,
One thing that we need to know is this hotel is kinda five star rated.
Maybe that's why this thing happened.
Seeing a BMW with the number plate which stated two digit number,
There's people serving them.
Joker are serving them.
Gently open the door car, sweetly open the door and took their stupid expensive luggages...
And then sweetly told them to tOok off.
Fair enough.
The next thing is,
There's vanette van came by.
Some guests came down and no one to bother!
That's a little bit of over, dude.
They also humans.
And humans are the same!
I think they should be treat as well they treat other people