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hanging around with colleague,
it's the very particular thing that I've ever done.
i never imagine that i can hang with those people i worked together and sometimes poked each other back( not that kind of 'poking'...).
can't say that everything looks fine but as people looked, they will just say:" wow, these girls, really can hang around."
my instinct?

all above of that,
i still enjoying my own privacy.
in reality,
i just a girl(still?)who likes to put her faces in front of the computer,
just a girl who likes to read comics, novels,
just a girl who likes to write a lot of nonsense stuff and a bunch of stupid annoying love story which the fact i hate hanging around with boys..-_-|||
this is the real me.
and i don't get people easily to break down the wall that i built it so hardly.
i don't talk much and i don't like buzzing around.
but the way i act and the way i take action,
just give the impression of being the abnormal one.
in the matter of …