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the conclusion is: the decision that i made just been throw into scratcher.
oh dear.
this is my first time that someone scratch my letter.
every single time i want to spend with my life is to be who i want to be.

many advises, many directions, many sort of things just keep coming and coming.
lost myself, again.
losing it means i need to take a break from it and think again.
i'm not doing stupid things actually.
it's just sometimes,
cannot stand for those people.
so, whatever.

everything gone.


don't say that i'm not mature enough this decision.
don't say that i'm stupid to make this decision.
don't say that i'm suiciding myself...

FACT: yupe! i'm SUICIDING myself.

i had it enough.
those crazy and out-of-them mind things, i had it ENOUGH!
not that i'm not patient enough but to pretend i'm patient.
so pathetic!
i don't know what's above me but i know that it's time to make this decision.
i have thinking for the past SIX months but to hold on to it.
no way!!
they said, i can't take off like i like!!!
WTF!!!我靠( ‵o′)凸
they said, i can't barely finish those stupid ever jobs!!
if you so clever then,
you finish it.
i'm off of this!!!

i will put my letter on her table and no matter who said and what do,
i will not change my mind!

this is such a ridiculous COMPANY!!!!!!
why i ever stuck here to call my skin old off?!