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Speed updating

hey out there!
i'm still alive if you asked...DUH~

a little quickly update for myself and for who DOES care about me~
(a little bit annoying, right?)
they found me a new backup and i'm kinda appreciate that.
but still,
doesn't change my mind to moving out of this hell!
spend a lot and becoming one of the gamble god==
don't mind it.
it's what my family do~(wow~kinda split out a bit of milk here.)
still loving my hubby, tama.
figure it out it's time to study.
and in the process of letting myself into study mood.
single but complicated now.
enjoying my 100% perfect life (to me, it's 100% perfect)

ya. one thing.
i don't care what people judge me by looking at my spending but one thing i want to tell them is:
i like it, i can afford it, i even can crush it when i hate it!
this is what gamble taught me.
(bad! guys, don't even try to learn from me.)
he/she doesn't have the right to control my money even though she/he is my best friend!
only my fami…