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EXpress MYSelf!

just wanna to express the love of tama-chan in here!
very in love with him ler....
but roll back to the reality,
i still need to find someone else rather than dreaming about fantasy.
no matter what,
i always in love with you, tama-chan~

Free With Myself


suddenly feel my life full of surprises.
to whom ever that pour all the heart to me,
your secret is SAFE with me~

trying to start a new novel here...

Again with the pyscho mind

Think a lot of novel plot.
Thinking about starting back my interest of writing novel.
Im not good at vocab or phrase and sometime i did use it the wrong way.
But still,
Pretty enjoy it when start this kind of stuff.

Im not so much experience on lOving ones and sometimes does imPly my personality.
This is whqt serena wants in her romantic life.
None of this real and most of all,
thats not going to happen.
Upon of that,
I still hope theres going to be a fairy tale waiting for me.
Back to reality,
Thats just a pretty words to say.

Finger cross for everything.

For one thing,
I don want to shop with my manager!