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Shock by the time when she called me.
Went in without knowing have to take notebook and pen.
Sit down as he ordered.
Trying to figure it out whether it is the reason that i left.
Deny it without hesitate.
Telling him i'm very confirm about it.
Figure it again.
Getting the same answer.
Then, thank you.
Me left without turning back.

trying to tell him is not the money that i want.
Just want a peaceful life here.
And nothing but that,
a very systematic working style.
the guts had gone when i went in.


Regularly Updating

half dead and half alive here. can't believe that people could be that so ugly when you try to put your letter to HIM/HER!! for those days i have done for them and they just take it for granted!!! thats why i called out. i fed up! it's worthless to work at that company! that kind of company that full of bullshit!!
not hoping anymore! im not going to hope anything anymore. it's worthless and it's wasting my time.
take everything as granted. well, well, well... serena is not going to be a good girl to that ANYMORE!