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i didn't expect that i will be having my last day.
i didn't expect my colleagues will be hugging me and wishing me.
i didn't expect what i've been expecting for.
since the first time i joined that company,
i realize that many things could be explainable but not to be explained,
things could be so easy but not too easy to be done,
things could be so nice but someone just crush it.
i've done what i did,
and i didn't want to expect more.
the way she acted, the way she talked,
just said that,
i felt sorry for her.
for what i've been through,
let's just say it's just a pile of water.
i've got long long way to go...
for whoever you are,
thank you for your supporting and...
be honestly,

FxCK you!! i do hope that you get whatever i cursed you!!!

just honestly split out.

part of my place. definitely gonna miss that place...