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Recall back.
We were super best friend.
Thinking back.
We will find each other no matter how far it is.
Rewind back.
We promise each other that no matter what, we will stick together as one cause I believe the bond between us will never broke.

Silly. Fool. Stupid.
There's nothing friendship forever.
Looking back on all those mails, those stuffs, those memories,
it really hurt a lot.

Since when the bond disappear?
Since you left?
Since you decided not to contact even though I try to reconnect to you?
Since you turn your back on me even though I try to reach you?
No matter how I tried, it didn't work on us.

I miss the times we spent together.
I miss the moment when you sit beside me and lend me your shoulders.
I miss the time when you said "Everything's will be alright."
I miss all the things that we did together.

You and I just a couple of people who fighting for their living.
Everything gone back to square one.
You and I.
Just become stranger.