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In the name of the Moon, I shall punish YOU!

Hey there, my fellows.
Just watched Sailor Moon Crystal back.
No matter how many years passed by, no matter how old i am, I'M STILL NUMBER ONE FAN IN SAILORMOON!...(tuxedo mask-sama looks A LOT DIFFERENT compare to previous series.)

It's been one month since I came back from Taiwan. My first ever trip with friends... I was quite impressed with myself along the trip. Done a lot damage with shopping and didn't GET FAT after returning from a trip full of delicious snacks...I'M QUITE HAPPY WITH THIS! 9 days trip. Honestly, I did miss my home, my bed, MY DOG, my everything inside the house. Well, luckily my friends get me done with the homesick and we enjoyed a lot! I'm so glad that we are still connect to each other. Gotta learn how to take a groupie...
Stuck with loads of assignments.  Stuck with loneliness. Stuck with works.... Well, this is life though.
Lastly, let me shout out loud: 愛と正義の、セーラー服美少女戦士、セーラームーン!月に代わって,お仕置きよ!
With love, Serena xoxo

Briefly update

Hey there, what's up?
I'm still alive and thanks for your concern.(...o..k...)
A quick update of my recent doing.

After struggling and hesitation,
I have made a decision--STUDY.
Well...for all those who ACTUALLY believe me that I QUIT my job for further study, I apologize sincerely to you. It take a bunch of lies to cover my ass...You probably will said: NAH, I didn't even give a shit of your life. Well, if that's what you thought, fuxk you. I'm so sorry that I'm not qualify YET to be a part of your shit life.
So, here I am. Student of Wawasan Open University.
Hope I can suffer through it and make myself proud!
OMG! Just look at the photo....

I finally can say out loud that I'VE MOVE ON!
To my dearest EX-buddies/EX-bff/EX-...etc,
I do wish you have a fuxkup pleasant life and happy fuckingly ever after!

Sorry for my rudeness. I know it's rude and...rude again. But hey, this is HOWEVER my blog.

Serena xoxo







Never thought of this before, i swear. Maybe a little bit of envious but still not craving for it.
My little friend just brought out this topic the another day. She told me she is drying.... For the moment, i thought that she was talking about her throat--thirsty. Then, i passed her a cup of my tea but then she just looked at me instead of the cup. HUH? You don't like my cup because my saliva? You've got to be kidding me because we share food and drinks ALL THE TIME.--well, that was i trying to tell her. Before i even continue it, she just look at me and asked : " Don't you get it?" The only response i gave to her is shaking my head and pointed the cup. And she rolled her eyes on me.
"I need a partner. I need a lover!"
OH...that's what she meant.
I stared at her blankly. Then, we started to chitchat about it.
On my point, not judging or try to pretend innocent. Just speaking out what i think about it.
Well, literally i read everything about how sex …