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Briefly update

Hey there, what's up?
I'm still alive and thanks for your concern.(...o..k...)
A quick update of my recent doing.

After struggling and hesitation,
I have made a decision--STUDY.
Well...for all those who ACTUALLY believe me that I QUIT my job for further study, I apologize sincerely to you. It take a bunch of lies to cover my ass...You probably will said: NAH, I didn't even give a shit of your life. Well, if that's what you thought, fuxk you. I'm so sorry that I'm not qualify YET to be a part of your shit life.
So, here I am. Student of Wawasan Open University.
Hope I can suffer through it and make myself proud!
OMG! Just look at the photo....

I finally can say out loud that I'VE MOVE ON!
To my dearest EX-buddies/EX-bff/EX-...etc,
I do wish you have a fuxkup pleasant life and happy fuckingly ever after!

Sorry for my rudeness. I know it's rude and...rude again. But hey, this is HOWEVER my blog.

Serena xoxo