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In the name of the Moon, I shall punish YOU!

Hey there, my fellows.
Just watched Sailor Moon Crystal back.
No matter how many years passed by, no matter how old i am, I'M STILL NUMBER ONE FAN IN SAILORMOON!...(tuxedo mask-sama looks A LOT DIFFERENT compare to previous series.)

It's been one month since I came back from Taiwan. My first ever trip with friends... I was quite impressed with myself along the trip. Done a lot damage with shopping and didn't GET FAT after returning from a trip full of delicious snacks...I'M QUITE HAPPY WITH THIS! 9 days trip. Honestly, I did miss my home, my bed, MY DOG, my everything inside the house. Well, luckily my friends get me done with the homesick and we enjoyed a lot! I'm so glad that we are still connect to each other. Gotta learn how to take a groupie...
Stuck with loads of assignments.  Stuck with loneliness. Stuck with works.... Well, this is life though.
Lastly, let me shout out loud: 愛と正義の、セーラー服美少女戦士、セーラームーン!月に代わって,お仕置きよ!
With love, Serena xoxo