Few days left and I shall do the thing that I'm desperate to do--travel alone.
Yupe. Travel by myself to a foreign country.
To find my aunts in Thailand. Got you!
But, typically I'm travelling alone. Probably take a bus to go to the airport and sit the plane by myself...for just a few hours. (God, I shouldn't call it travel alone.)
Travel alone is normal for this kind of age that I'm right now but to me it's not.
I'm a homesick person. When I mean homesick, it's reallyyyyyyyy homesick. I can't leave my house and my family like for one day.
Remember the time I went to Taiwan, on the forth day, I almost bought myself a ticket just to get home. I don't like being too far away from my family and my zone.
That's why my friends can't take me too long for holiday trip. Hmm, they are the best things that happened to me. I cherish them.

Why suddenly took this trip?
You know me. Typical Aquarius. Don't do things according to the plan.
I just happened picked up my phone and choose the date and paid the air ticket and walah, it all set.
By the time I realized it's too late to undo everything.
Well, I don't know what will happen when the day came but for sure thing, I'm excited about it.

Next time, maybe I booked myself to Singapore? Yeah, right.


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